Based in picturesque hills of Yercaud, Athma Shanthi aims at economically helping out tribal farmers.

Acknowledging their struggles in an often uncaring world; appreciating their unique skills; and encouraging them towards a life of self-sufficiency, Athma Shanthi sees itself as a facilitator of change in these tribal pockets. Prioritizing education, health care and economic development, Athma Shanthi finds an opportunity in every challenge.

The tribals living in the hills of Shevaroyan, Karumbandurai, Kolli and Pattchamalai in Tamil Nadu possess a treasure house of knowledge about medicinal herbs and plants. Long before global cosmetics giants woke up to the restorative powers of herbs, the tribals were growing Aloe Vera (Sothu Katthale, Kumari) and using it as a folk remedy, to treat everything from constipation to cough and skin irritation.

Athma Shanthi has stepped in, not to reinvent the wheel, but to steer it in a new direction. Working towards capacity building, Athma Shanthi has initiated "Operation Aloe Vera" along with the local tribal population, in the hills of Tamil Nadu.

Not only does Athma Shanthi equip the tribal farmers with technical expertise, it also helps them to raise short-term loans to cultivate Aloe Vera. Free from the vice-like grip of unscrupulous moneylenders, the tribals are beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Their produce goes into the making of a variety of products - all eco-friendly and economically priced. Beginning with a host of skin and hair care products that use Aloe Vera; Athma Shanthi also makes and markets incense sticks made from the essential oils of lavender, rosemary and patchouli; multi-grain breakfast foods and oven-fresh cookies; farm fresh strawberries and mushrooms; and coffee and pepper which the hills have always been famous for.

Athma Shanthi does not receive any aid. We generate our own funds primarily through "Operation Aloe Vera". Now that there are so many tribals who are in need of our help, we have joined hands with a group of professionals who have the same thought and commitment to serve the neglected tribes in this part of the globe. These professionals and businessmen, empowered with business ideas, technical know-how and a keen sense of responsibility and commitment have joined as one family to serve the needy and suffering.

Some of our forthcoming projects at Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, are as follows:

Daily Farming

Organic Vegetables

Proposed Athma Shanthi
Free Matriculaton School

Proposed Athma Shanthi
Research & Development Centre

Proposed Athma Shanthi
Community Hall

Proposed Athma Shanthi Hospital
Jalkapallo pelipaidat

Proposed Athma Shanthi
Meditation Centre

Proposed Athma Shanthi
Counselling Center