Athma Shanthi was started in 1992 by Peter John with a group of tribals in Shevaroyan hills (Yercaud) parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. With the goal of empowering the tribals to the extent that they, as a community, initiate and control the process of change in their lives, Athma Shanthi adopts a holistic approach to tribal development.

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Mr.V. Peter John - Founder / Chairman,
Athma Shanthi Charitable Trust

Mr. V. Peter John is an astute businessman residing in Yercaud who has various businesses in the fields of Exports, Bakery, Fast Food etc. He started his career as a musician, turned music director and later started various business ventures.

He was actively involved in various social service activities. He is the Founder of Athma Shanthi Social Service and later formed Athma Shanthi Charitable Trust.

Mr. Ramnath Hegde - Trustee,
Athma Shanthi Charitable Trust

Mr. Ramnath Hegde is the Trustee of Athma Shanthi Charitable Trust.

He is an expert in the Packaging Industry and the Managing Director of Pactec India. Mr. Hegde is also a pioneer in the fields of Herbal Plantations and Floriculture.

Despite his hectic work schedule, he has a keen interest in Athma Shanthi Charitable Trust and contributes by sharing his technical know-how.

This is accomplished through a Mega Project called " Operation Aloe Vera" which is being implemented through "Aloe Vera Plantations" - the operational arm of Athma Shanthi.

We are also starting a center to train families of prisioners in preparation of certain goods in the field of cottage industries.

International Associates
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As a charitable trust committed to serve the needy, Athma Shanthi knows that the road ahead has many challenges. Inspired by the happy faces of the tribal children and the small but heartening change it has made in so many lives, Athma Shanthi continues to work towards empowering the tribals. We, at Athma Shanthi, dream of a better tomorrow and work towards making this dream come true. In you, we hope to find a well-wisher of our organization and a patron of our products.